Poem and Jewelry Collaboration with Shveta Thakrar: A Love in Twelve Feathers

Peacocks are so inspiring. They are visually stunning, with jeweled iridescent necks and mesmerizing feathers. Peacocks are my personal symbols of beauty and adornment. I use peacock stamps on my jewelry boxes and use their teal color to wrap up my jewelry for packages. I also have them all over my home!

Needless to say, I love peacocks and knew I wanted to make a peacock art pendant.

Woman Feeding Peacock

When my dear friend, author Shveta Thakrar, saw the necklace, she was inspired to write an amazing poem called A Love in Twelve  Feathers, which was published in Strange Horizons. Her poem was even nominated for a Rhysling award! It starts off like this:

“First feather

Girl for sale
Garbed in blues and greens
Framed in a circle of filigree
Dangling from a fine gold chain

Your knife hooked as a bird’s beak,
My love,
You carved out my heart
And drew it back in
With pen and pigment
And placed it under glass
For all to see”

With an opening like that, you know it’s going to be good! Read the whole poem at Strange Horizons!

Also check out Shveta’s website for more of her beautiful magical South Asian-inspired fantasy writing!

Woman Feeding Peacock

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