Pick a Charm Gemstone Necklace!

I have three gemstones set in gold vermeil (gold-plated sterling silver) and I knew I wanted to make simple charm necklaces but could not decide on which charms. So I decided to pass on the indecision to you, my dear customers! You can choose between a gold-plated elephant or Om charm to go with your gemstone. The charms are high quality Tierra Cast charms and have the same design on both sides. All necklaces are strung on 14K goldfill chain. They are perfect necklaces to wear every day and I love them! I hope you love them too.

Up first is the ruby necklace, with an elephant! The ruby is a lovely rosy red pink color and is a little over half an inch long. The ruby is the largest of the gemstones that I have in stock.

Ruby Elephant Necklace







But maybe you prefer your ruby with an Om charm?

Ruby with Om









Next is a gorgeous labradorite necklace, with the blue flash of loveliness! The labradorite is one of my favorite gems. This beauty is half an inch and is a perfect circle.

Labradorite Elephant









Labradorite and Om


Finally is a ridiculously adorable orange carnelian necklace. The carnelian is really petite, about as long as the labradorite (.5 inches) but not as wide and round.

Carnelian and Elephant








Carnelian and Om









Which one do you like the best? They will go in my Etsy shop today!


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July 30, 2014 at 3:04 pm / Reshma / Write:

Love these pendant necklaces! Very charming. I am a bit inclined to the elephant charm ones coz I like elephants.

August 4, 2014 at 1:51 am / Meenoo / Write:

Thanks Reshma!I love the elephants too!

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