Minou Bazaar in Holiday Gift Guides!

The holidays are coming up so fast! With Christmas less than two weeks away, I am gearing up for the last minute orders that come in as well as putting some last minute orders of my own.

This year, Minou Bazaar was featured in three holiday gift guides! The first guide is from Domicile DC. This is an awesome local online lifestyle magazine that I am proud to sponsor. I love reading about the real people and businesses that cater to the local culture and events in the DC metro area. See if you can find my full-page ad and red and turquoise earrings in the holiday gift guide!

Turquoise Red Earrings 3

The next gift guide is by my friend Christina from Sihaya Designs. I utterly covet Christina’s jewelry (especially her fairy wing earrings–hint, hint) and was thrilled to see my shop in her amazing holiday gift guide to support small businesses. I learned about new shops that I am excited to explore and noticed some of my own favorite shops featured there. For soap, lotions, and perfumes, I am a long-time customer of both Paintbox Soapworks and Firebird Bath and Body.  I adore the soaps, sorbettos, and lotions from Paintbox Soapworks and the lotions and lip balms from Firebird. I have too many favorite scents from both shops to list them all here, and the quality of the products are exceptional. At this point, I don’t buy any soaps, lotions, and lip balms from the drug store or the mall.

Fairy Wing Earrings

Most recently, my jewelry shop was highlighted in Emily’s holiday gift guide to support the disability community. Those of you who know me in real life know that I have lived with a disability since birth: cerebral palsy. I am so proud to be featured in Emily’s gift guide!

Please check out these gift guides and support your local or small online businesses when you can. It is so important to support your local or small businesses, year-round and especially during the holiday season.

For my readers, I am also continuing to offer my holiday coupon code for 15% off your order until December 18, which is the cut-off shipping date for all domestic orders. The international shipping deadline (Dec 1) has already passed. Please use the coupon code HOLIDAY when you check out to get the discount.

I wish all of you a very merry and healthy holiday season!


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