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I took a fairy tale class this past winter from the fabulous Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic. For our final project, I created a fairy tale jewelry collection that focused on some of my favorite elements of fairy tales: a rose and thorn motif that repeats through all of the jewelry pieces, the collaborative siblings’ focus in several of the pieces, and deep red hearts that represent the positive and negative complex emotions that the stories evoke. I was also inspired to create two sets inspired by Shveta Thakrar’s lovely fairy tale, Lavanya and Deepika, which is an adaptation of the Tatterhood story set in magical ancient India.

This introductory necklace is the beginning of my fairy tale collection–a piece that invites you to use the key to open the book of wonder tales. I used a book charm, ornate skeleton key, and black rose to highlight the whimsical Once Upon a Time scroll pendant.

Next I continue the theme with the Wicked Stepmother Black Rose Necklace. The black rose necklace symbolizes the villainous mothers and step-mothers that drive the plot in so many fairy tales. Sometimes I wish we could see the situation from her point of view. But for now, you can wear the highly detailed black rose pendant, which dangles from a pretty bail and chain.

Next is Briar Rose and Thorns Earrings. These unique earrings feature silver-toned charms embossed with roses on one side and thorns on the other. You can take off the earrings and slip them back on the earring hooks to show either side: roses or thorns, depending on your mood and inclination! See all the options in my Etsy shop!

Next, I created earring and necklace sets for two pairs of fairy tale sisters. First is Snow White and Rose Red. Did you know that this fairy tale is not actually an old story? The Grimm brothers wrote this tale to sound like an old fairy tale but it was a new story!

These sets represent the innocence of Snow White and Rose Red: sisters who live in the woodland cottage with their mother. The silver set is for Snow White and the gold set is for Rose Red. The earrings and necklace feature red rose beads, olive green and moss green crystals to represent the forest and the leaves of the roses, and delicate twig and blossom pendants–perfect for wearing while frolicking in the woods or at a double royal wedding!

Rose Red’s set:

And lastly, I made complementary sets for Lavanya and Deepika, twin princesses from author Shveta Thakrar‘s beautiful fairy tale set in magical ancient India. I made these matching and complementing pieces with deep red hearts that symbolize their connection with each other, resin roses, metal rose connectors, and metal rosebuds. The gold and cream rose set is for Deepika and the silver and black rose set is for Lavanya, but honestly, they would share them and mix and match the earrings with the necklaces. The cream roses represent simplicity for Deepika, as she is the more conventionally beautiful twin sister. Here Lavanya’s black roses do not represent evil, but rather emotional complexity as Lavanya is the more unconventional twin–as she is a rose! Both colors represent loyalty and love that the sisters have for each other. Lavanya’s set is accented with labradorite.

Deepika’s set is accented by moonstones.

From Shveta’s beautiful story:
“Lavanya did not mind the isolation so much. Indeed, she quite liked her peculiar skin, for butterflies spoke to her as they would to no other, in the soft, luscious language of nectar, and she could pluck her thorns as she needed them. Why should she be lonely, when she had Deepika for a companion?
Deepika adored her rose sister in the way the moon adores the sun, finding favors and festivities to mean little when they went unshared. Everything she received, she divided in two; it was the way of things. What use were playmates who did not understand this?”​

I hope you enjoyed my new fairy tale collection!



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