Elephant Extravaganza!

Last year for Valentine’s Day, my husband got me a special gift. He sponsored an orphan elephant in my name at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Truthfully, I wanted my own baby elephant to raise in our apartment with our cats but gave in to practicality (and legality). Kamok is thriving in her home in Kenya and I get updates every month about her well-being and daily life. I hope to visit this amazing place one day to meet her and all the elephants!


I wanted to raise some money for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to help them in their mission to rescue orphaned baby elephants and rhinos. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is dedicated to the protection and conservation of wildlife and habitats in Kenya. The baby elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust are hand-raised and reintegrated into the wild when they are ready. The team also manages anti-poaching teams, mobile veterinary units, and community outreach programs. I believe in giving back and I wanted my business to help support their amazing and important work.


To support The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, I worked on a collection of charming elephant necklaces. These necklaces are one of a kind and feature turquoise drops, coral, vintage Indian brass flowers, jasper beads, African brass beads, betel nut beads, and other lovely details.


I will donate 100% of the profits from each necklace to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Here are the necklaces! Click on each picture to go to the listing in my shop.


Elephant Betel Nut and Gold Nugget Necklace

2015-03-07 12.11.282015-03-07 12.27.50

Elephant Jasper and African Brass Bead Necklace

Elephant Glass Necklace 2015-03-07 12.24.08

Elephant Turquoise and Coral Necklace

2015-03-18 11.33.28 2015-03-07 12.05.45

Elephant Turquoise Necklace

2015-03-07 12.06.25 2015-03-06 15.35.33


Elephant Necklace with Vintage Indian Golden Brass Flower

2015-03-18 12.59.11 2015-03-18 11.29.27

Elephant Necklace with Green Turquoise Drop

2015-03-18 11.28.55 2015-03-07 12.10.09

Elephant Necklace with Blue Turquoise Drop

2015-03-18 11.27.52 2015-03-07 12.07.42

Gold or Silver Elephant and Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Elephant Necklace Gold 2b 2015-03-12 11.43.57 2015-03-07 12.03.50 

Tiny Silver Elephant Necklace

2015-03-18 11.07.37 2015-03-09 17.22.45-1

I hope you enjoyed this herd of lovely elephant necklaces! You can see all of the necklaces in my new shop section called “Support Wild Elephants.”  Thanks for looking, and please share the link with your elephant-loving friends! Of course, you can donate to the organization directly as well.

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